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Troupe #355 is one of the few continually operational high school thespian troupes chartered by the National Educational Theatre Association. The Troupe is nearly 50 years old, and performing is only a small part of its work. In troupe #355, students are encouraged to be very hands on and learn how to do work behind the scenes as well as on stage. They manage all aspects of each production including directing; scenery; costumes; make-up; publicity; programs; lighting; sound; concessions; ticket sales; props; and various other jobs. The Troupe produces and assists a total of twelve productions each school year, all being student led.

By national rules, members are formally inducted into the Troupe after earning 10 points, with partial or full points awarded for hours spent across various off and on stage responsibilities. Each point represents 10 hours of work. New members of troupe #355 are inducted every year during the last show, the Spring Festival of Plays. Higher levels of membership come with additional tallies of hours dedicated to the troupe.


Darin MacFarlane

Jeff MacFarlane

Pat MacFarlane

Suzanne Ducharme

Pat Weatherlow

Richard Miller


Emily Bowler --------------- President

Abby Chase ----------- Vice President

Julia Ciesielski  ------------- Secretary

Sergio Martinez ---------- Treasurer

Duxbury High School   -   71 Alden Street, Duxbury MA   -   (781) 934-7650

Club advisors:

Darin MacFarlane   -   Jeff MacFarlane   -   Pat Weatherlow

Kathy MacFarlane   -   Suzanne Ducharme   -   Richard Miller

     -   Curated by the Duxbury High School Drama Club   -

"Act well your part; there all the honor lies" -Alexander Pope

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