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These are the people in charge of each crew within the club, as well as their assistants
Stage Manager
Lighting Chair
Props Chair
Sound Chair
Makeup Chair
Costumes Chair
Publicity Chair
House and Lobby
Cinematography Chair
Fundraising Chair
Furniture Chair
Archives Chair
Programs Chair

Stage Manager- JP LaMonica
Assistant Stage Manager- 
Lighting Chair- Nat Maw
Assistant Lighting Chairs- Sam Cotter 
Sound Chair- Madi Gagnon
Assistant Sound Chairs- Ali Dimler

Props Chair- Megan McGrail
Assistant Props Chairs- Alec Lowry

Makeup Chair- Owen Cosgrove
Assistant Makeup Chair- 

Costumes Chair- Charlie Connell
Assistant Costumes Chair- Quinn Edwards

Publicity Chair- Ella Edwards
Assistant Publicity Chairs- 

House and Lobby- Audrey Farhat
Assistant House and Lobby- 

Programs Chair- Bella Letorney
Assistant Programs Chair- 

Archives Chair- Una Sullivan
Assistant Archives Chair- 

Furniture Chair- Mike Canina
Assistant Furniture Chair- Kenzie Shotz

Cinematography Chair- 
Assistant Cinematography Chair- 

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