These are the people in charge of each crew within the club, as well as their assistants

Stage Manager- Julia Wonkka

Assistant Stage Managers- Noah Connolly and Emma Greenstine


Lighting Chair- Emily Bowler

Assistant Lighting Chairs- Johanna Tackitt


Sound Chair- Willy Teare

Assistant Sound Chair- Helene Kertanis

Props Chair- Shannon McCarthy

Assistant Props Chairs- Julia Ciesielski

Makeup Chair- Dylan Alexander

Assistant Makeup Chair- 

Costumes Chair- Ronnie Buell

Assistant Costumes Chair- Alyssa White

Publicity Chair- Abby Zelvis

Assistant Publicity Chairs- Julia Ciesleski and Bernadette Farmer

House and Lobby- Hailey Champagne

Assistant House and Lobby- Sophia Moretti

Programs Chair- Liz Montville

Assistant Programs Chair- 

Archives Chair- Abby Chase

Assistant Archives Chair- 

Furniture Chair- Charlie Fulmer

Assistant Furniture Chair- Wes Moran

Fundraising Chair- Ava Cederlund

Assistant Fundraising Chair- Rachel Sobran

Cinematography Chair- Liv Murphy

Assistant Cinematography Chair- 

Duxbury High School   -   71 Alden Street, Duxbury MA   -   (781) 934-7650

Club advisors:

Darin MacFarlane   -   Jeff MacFarlane   -   Pat Weatherlow

Kathy MacFarlane   -   Suzanne Ducharme   -   Richard Miller

     -   Curated by the Duxbury High School Drama Club   -

"Act well your part; there all the honor lies" -Alexander Pope

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