These are the people in charge of each crew within the club, as well as their assistants

Stage Manager- JP LaMonica
Assistant Stage Manager- 
Lighting Chair- Nat Maw
Assistant Lighting Chairs- 
Sound Chair- Madi Gagnon
Assistant Sound Chairs- 

Props Chair- Megan McGrail
Assistant Props Chairs- 

Makeup Chair- Owen Cosgrove
Assistant Makeup Chair- 

Costumes Chair- Charlie Connell
Assistant Costumes Chair- 

Publicity Chair- Ella Edwards
Assistant Publicity Chairs- 

House and Lobby- Audrey Farhat
Assistant House and Lobby- 

Programs Chair- Bella Letorney
Assistant Programs Chair- 

Archives Chair- Una Sullivan
Assistant Archives Chair- 

Furniture Chair- Mike Canina
Assistant Furniture Chair- 

Cinematography Chair- 
Assistant Cinematography Chair-