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  • the time has come to do this club, my crew, and myself a solid -- help us with props! if you have/want to help with getting any of the following things let me know! there will be another post as one of the shows has yet to give me a list! silly string rubber ducky floaty small water pistol a few super soakers disco ball deck of cards traffic cones (4) tacky rhinestone necklace (with a stone red if possible) THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hello everyone! props crew needs YOUR help! if you have any items on the list below please contact me at my school email (shannonmccarthy@duxbury.k12.ma.us) or text me (if you have my number)! help the troupe save some cash!!!! -tall candles OR flashlights that can be turned into candles (8 needed and preferably candles thank ya) -zippo lighter (or one that makes a click sound when opened) -chalk
  • CONGRATS TO EVERYONE ON MAKING IT TO FINALS! Finals will take place for three days on March 28th, 29th, and 30th at the Back Bay Events Center in Boston. We will be performing first on Friday the 29th at 1:00pm . Our Schedule: On Thursday we will be attending school until after 3rd block, at which point we will meet in the Blackbox and take attendance. Once we have everyone, we will board the bus and head off. Four shows are scheduled to perform that day starting at 5:00pm. When we're all packed up, we'll be boarding the bus home around 9:00pm. On Friday we'll be meeting at the school at 7:15am, then taking attendance and boarding the bus. Our tech is scheduled to begin at 11:00am, and we'll have no more than 50 minutes to unload the UHaul and get everything ready. Afterwards, we'll be leaving the set on stage to get ready for the show. Our performance will begin at 1:00pm. Once we're done, we'll need help striking and loading the set. Then we have five more shows lined up for the day. Before we leave, we're in charge of making sure the lobby is all cleaned up at the end of the day. Everyone must help with that. When we're done, we'll load up the bus at around 9:00pm. Finally, when we get home we'll need help unloading the set from the UHaul. On Saturday we'll meet at the school at 8:15am and boarding the bus for attendance. The last four shows will be performing for us starting at 12:30pm. Afterwards at 5:00pm, we will eat dinner all together at Fire + Ice. Once all the shows have performed, there will be an awards ceremony around 8pm. At the end of the night, we'll be boarding the bus around 9:45pm and heading home. Back Bay Events Center info: The center is located at 180 Berkeley Street (Corner of Berkeley & Stuart Streets) Boston, MA 02116. Do not wander the building . There are restricted areas you cannot enter, and any attempt to do so could result in apprehension by armed guards. We ask that you stay with our school while in the building unless given permission to go somewhere else. In order to gain admission to the theater, you will need to present an METG button at the doors. You will be given this button at the beginning of the day, and they will be collected at the end. DO NOT LOSE THIS BUTTON . It's your free pass into the theater, and without it you'll need to purchase a ticket to get in, which could be costly. Keep your button accounted for and visible on your shirt at all times. We'll be spending time in the Quincy Suite in between sessions. Some food will be available at the Curtain Call Café as well as drinks, so you may want to bring money for that. Merch will also be sold in the suite, including shirts and hoodies custom printed with our show name and some other cool additions. These are expensive and the lines tend to be long, so it might be a good idea to order ahead of time. Food: As aforementioned, some snacks will be available to purchase in the Quincy Suite. Otherwise you may buy food in the city during breaks. Lunch will not be provided, so plan ahead. You can bring your own lunch with you to eat in the Suite, or money to buy lunch in the city. Same goes with dinner on Friday. On Saturday we have a reservation for 5:00pm at Fire + Ice, where we all eat dinner together every time we go to finals. It'll be an all-you-can-eat buffet with vegetarian options as well. This costs $20 per person , which must be payed before this Wednesday . You can bring cash or a check payable to ACT, or Venmo KBW2428. Free Time: Between sessions, you will have some free time. You can choose to hang out in the Quincy Suite or walk around the city. You must stay in your walking groups when leaving the Center. If you haven't already, please sign your group up via this google form , which must be completed by this Wednesday. Your group will have a designated representative who will be responsible for staying in contact with us and making sure no one gets separated. They will be given the time everyone must be back at the BBEC by, and will be in charge of getting their group there on time. Know where the theater is and stay close. There are plenty of businesses in the area where you can get something to eat, grab a coffee, or shop, so you might want to bring money. Don't walk so far that you won't be able to get back in time. Above all else, NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ALONE IN THE CITY . Never, for any reason, should anyone be separated from their group. If one person has to go somewhere, their whole group must go with them. There are no exceptions. Performance Schedule: Thursday, March 28 — SESSION I 5:00 pm: Framingham High School - Animal Farm 6:00 pm: Eagle Hill School - A Picture’s Worth 7:00 pm: Peabody Veterans’ Memorial High School - The Red Speedo 8:00 pm: St. John’s Preparatory School - Borealis Friday, March 29 — SESSION II 1:00 pm: Duxbury High School - Macbeth 2:00 pm: Westford Academy - The Wolves 3:00 pm: Rockport High School - Leave the Lights On Friday, March 29 — SESSION III 6:00 pm: Cambridge Rindge and Latin School - The 39 Steps: A Radio Play 7:00 pm: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School - The Book of Everything 8:00 pm: Wayland High School - Pronoun Saturday, March 30 — SESSION IV 12:30 pm: Saugus High School - Noises Off 1:30 pm: Lynnfield High School - Shipwrecked 3:00 pm: Sharon High School - Struwwelpeter 4:00 pm: Brockton High School - Magic Theatre

Duxbury High School   -   71 Alden Street, Duxbury MA   -   (781) 934-7650

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Darin MacFarlane   -   Jeff MacFarlane   -   Pat Weatherlow

Kathy MacFarlane   -   Suzanne Ducharme   -   Richard Miller

     -   Curated by the Duxbury High School Drama Club   -

"Act well your part; there all the honor lies" -Alexander Pope

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