All the members of Troupe #355


Kelly Alexander

Kelly Burke

Lauryn Burnes

Sarah Cosgrove

Brody Dame

Lucy Evans

Colby Firnrohr

Gerline Fourie

Paige Homan

Helene Kertanis

Wes Moran

James Siegner

Johanna Tackitt


Georgia Berry

Ronni Clancy

Mary Gandt

Noah Hornecker

Carli Kennedy

Nate Laporte

Ben Leitner

Andrew Murray

Izzy Newman

Anna O'Sullivan

Brooke Thomas

Maeve Toland

Josh Wonkka


Margaret Bayston

Jess Caso

Owen Cosgrove

Cameron Cunningham

Isabelle Donnelly

Miranda Duckman

Bella Letorney

Luna Porciatti


Elizabeth Coan

Annabelle Federico

Mariah Rodrigues

Lina Senuta

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