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Thespian Troupe Induction Ceremony

This upcoming Friday will be the first night of The Spring Festival of Plays, and as always, we will be having an induction ceremony for new Thespians as well as an award ceremony for outstanding Thespians in our troupe. The following members of the drama club will be getting inducted as Thespians:

Abby Zelvis

Alex Kane

Ava Cederlund

Ben Sullivan

Cal Petit De Mange

Duncan Passell

Dani Bishop

Hailey Champagne

Isabel Diamond

Julia Wonkka

Maddie O'Brien

Molly Burgoyne

Molly Guinen

Peter Natali

Robert Crowley

Ronnie Buell

Sophia Moretti

Tyler Gronberg

Eva Caliendo

MC Staier

These members have worked for 100 or more hours and have acted at least once, been on at least one crew, achieved a publicity point, as well as a fundraising point to earn this achievement.

The following members have put in at least 600 hours of work and have already been inducted into the Thespian Society and they are now receiving Honor Thespian:

Celia Borghesani

Alana Hovey

Richie Jacobson

Alicia Jordan

Amanda Lawrence

Emma Mackinnon

Zulia Martinez

Clay Neuger

Jenna Sharpe

Grayce Tate

The following members have put in at least 800 hours of work and have already achieved Thespian and Honor Thespian Status and are now receiving National Thespian:

Grace Goodell

Richie Jacobson

Amanda Lawrence

Zulia Martinez

Clay Neuger

Kelsey Nudd

Julia Roveto

Jenna Sharpe

Finally, the following members have put in at least 1000 hours and have achieved Thespian as well as both Honor and National Thespian and will now be receiving International Thespian:

Grace Goodell

Amanda Lawrence

Kristen Murray

Clay Neuger

Hannah Sheil

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