The Tempest

This year Duxbury High School entered, The Tempest into this year's METG State Festival. At prelims Duxbury received 17 awards:

- Set design - Will Kelso

- Lighting Design - Chandler Berry

- Excellence in ensamble - Jenna Sharpe, Cece Colucci, Abby Chase, Isabel Diamond, Julia Wonkka, Hadley Wehner, Jade Porciatti, Sydni Tougas, Lila Jones, and Ava Cederlund (Elementals)

- Acting - Grayce Tate (Prospera)

- Acting - Clay Neuger (Caliban)

- Acting - MC Stier (Sebastian)

- Acting - Ellie Murphy (Ariel)

- Excellence is directing - Grace Goodell

The cast and crew was lucky enough to be selected to move onto semifinals at Brockton High School where they won three awards:

- Acting - Robert Crowley (Stephano)

- Acting - Clay Neuger (Caliban)

- Directing/Choreography - Grace Goodell