This year the music department and the drama club put on their annual musical, which was Brigadoon this year! Staring, Cal Petit de Mange, Jordan Lamothe, Alicia Jordan, Eva Caliendo, Zach Devine, Sean Craffey, and many other talented individuals, and directed by senior, Rose Mann. The show ran Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. A special thank you to our seniors for their last musical, Jordan Lamothe, Alicia Jordan, Julia Constantine, Eva Caliendo, Mary Kate Lyons, Christian Koomey, Zach Devine, and Andrew Thomas.

Special thanks to the fabulous pit orchestra, Jeff MacFarlane, Darin MacFarlane, Tony Kelso, Bob Judge, Jill Norenberg, Rick Madru, Joe Pandaco, and many other students, adults and volunteers!

Can't wait to see what next years musical will be!

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