The Tempest

This year Duxbury High School entered, The Tempest into this year's METG State Festival. At prelims Duxbury received 17 awards:

- Set design - Will Kelso

- Lighting Design - Chandler Berry

- Excellence in ensamble - Jenna Sharpe, Cece Colucci, Abby Chase, Isabel Diamond, Julia Wonkka, Hadley Wehner, Jade Porciatti, Sydni Tougas, Lila Jones, and Ava Cederlund (Elementals)

- Acting - Grayce Tate (Prospera)

- Acting - Clay Neuger (Caliban)

- Acting - MC Stier (Sebastian)

- Acting - Ellie Murphy (Ariel)

- Excellence is directing - Grace Goodell

The cast and crew was lucky enough to be selected to move onto semifinals at Brockton High School where they won three awards:

- Acting - Robert Crowley (Stephano)

- Acting - Clay Neuger (Caliban)

- Directing/Choreography - Grace Goodell

Unfortunately, DHS did not have the opportunity to advance to Finals this year. But, Darin and Grace would like to thank everyone for their support, and help throughout this performance.