Spring Festival of Plays 2017

This past Spring Festival of Plays went off without a hitch! Three amazing productions were put on by six amazing directors, and the audience was packed both nights. At the awards ceremony, fourteen All Star Cast awards were given out!

Here are the awardees!

From Tracks by Peter Tarsi, directed by Molly Burgoyne and Richard Miller:

Amanda Lawrence in the role of Homeless Girl

Robert Crowley in the role of Old Man

Jadé Porciatti in the role of Lawyer

From Competition Piece by John S. Wells, directed by Clay Neuger and Darin Macfarlane:

Grace Goodell in the role of Teacher 2

Declan Quigley in the role of Ike

Peter Natali in the role of Hunter

Sean Craffey in the role of Graham

Mo Mutkoski in the role of Sue

Ellie Murphy in the role of Teacher 1

From Childhood by Thornton Wilder, directed by Jenna Sharpe and Chris Aukerman:

Richie Jacobson in the role of Father

Grayce Tate in the role of Mother

Hadley Wehner in the role of Caroline

Julia Wonkka in the role of Dodie

Sean O'Connor in the role of Billee

Congratulations to all who received an award and to all who participated in creating these shows! Thank you to the cast and crew for a successful Spring Festival!