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Hush Little Celia, Don't Say a Word (Springfest 2018)

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Hush Little Celia, Don't Say a Word is a heartwarming show written by Joseph Wallace. It focuses on the story of Celia Thomson- a girl with selective mutism- as told by Todd Mitchell, a boy set on becoming her friend. As Celia struggles with her parents' divorce, Todd encourages her to come out of her shell, leading her to a poetry open mic and eventually even auditioning for Romeo and Juliet. Though both attend regular therapy sessions through the play, they discover that the best remedy of all is each other's company.

This show was performed in the Blackbox Theater for the 2018 Spring Festival of Plays. Directors Darin MacFarlane and Sydni Tougas chose this script after originally seeing it performed at the preliminary round of the METG State Festival of Plays. This telling of the story featured a rubik's cube set piece which could be taken apart and reassembled to form different scenes. The cast was able to use this to their advantage, executing the set changes with relative ease and creating abstract visuals that complemented the realism of this heartfelt comedic drama.


Celia -------------------------------------------- Corryn Castello Todd -------------------------------------------- Will Poreda Mother ---------------------------------------- Jadé Porciatti Father ------------------------------------------ Brennan Gunster Dr. Griffin ------------------------------------- Grayce Tate

Dr. Connors ---------------------------------- Lily MacCaulay Miss Duffy ------------------------------------ Abby Chase Ms. Eldon ------------------------------------- Jane Ellen Burnham Poet -------------------------------------------- Ava Cederlund MC/Kid 1 -------------------------------------- Isabel Diamond

Kid 2/Joe -------------------------------------- Willy Teare Kid 3/Ben ------------------------------------- Sergio Martinez Student 1/Kelly ----------------------------- Isabella Corey Student 2 ------------------------------------- Maddie O'Brien Student 3/Tina ------------------------------ Hadley Wehner

Student 4/Lisa ------------------------------- Julia Wonkka PA ------------------------------------------------ Bernadette Farmer

Kid ----------------------------------------------- Liz Montville

Crew: Stage:

Manager- Julia Wonkka

Master Carpenter- Will Kelso

Assistant Stage Managers- Abby Chase, Emma Greenstine

Crew- Molly Benttinen, Molly Burgoyne, Noah Connolly, Brennan Gunster, Sergio Martinez, Liz Montville, Julia Murphy, Maddie O'Brien, Cam Penn, Liam O’Sullivan, Sam Shotz


Chair- Willy Teare

Assistants- Sarah Cosgrove, Helene Kertanis


Chair- Emily Bowler

Assistants- Johanna Tackitt

Crew- Kelly Alexander, Liam O'Sullivan, Erin Matthews, Joshua Wonkka


Chair- Dylan Alexander

Crew- Ava Cederlund, Sean Craffey, Molly Guinen, Alex Cane, Lily MacCaulay, Erin Matthews


Chair- Veronica Buell

Assistant- Alyssa White

Crew- Lucy Evans, Anthony Lyons, Maddie O'Brien, Jules Reardon, Raegan White


Chair- Shannon McCarthy

Assistant- Jane Ellen Burnham, Julia Ciesleski, Kelsey DeWolf, Lily MacCaulay, Wes Moran, Maddie O'Brien

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