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The Good Doctor (Springfest 2018)

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The Good Doctor is a Russian comedy written by Neil Simon, first performed in 1973. Based off the works of play write Anton Chekhov, this show is narrated by an author guiding his audience through a few scenarios he's imagined. Varying from subtle and serious to exaggerated and hilarious, these short scenes give plenty of character for both the actors and the viewers to enjoy.

Opening the 2018 spring festival of plays in the Blackbox Theater, this show was a light hearted start to the night. Directed by Richard Miller and Deb Cleary, the cast excelled at adjusting their tempo to the mood and bringing a ton of energy to hit those big, hilarious moments.


Narrator -------------------------------------- Cam Penn Ivan Cherdyakov --------------------------- Sean Craffey Mme Chardyakov -------------------------- Kelsey DeWolf General Brassilhov ------------------------ Noah Connolly Mme Brassilhov ---------------------------- Molly Guinen

Mistress --------------------------------------- Emma Greenstine Julia --------------------------------------------- Molly Benttinen Peter Semyonych -------------------------- Anthony Lyons Nicholaich ------------------------------------ Sam Shotz Irena -------------------------------------------- Ronnie Buell

Nina --------------------------------------------- Liv Murphy Kistunov --------------------------------------- Wes Moran Pochatkin ------------------------------------- Helene Kertanis Woman ---------------------------------------- Shannon McCarthy Father ------------------------------------------ Charlie Fulmer

Son ---------------------------------------------- Cam Caprero Girl ---------------------------------------------- Emily Bowler

Crew: Stage:

Manager- Julia Wonkka

Master Carpenter- Will Kelso

Assistant Stage Managers- Abby Chase, Emma Greenstine