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This is a Text (Springfest 2018)

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This is a Text is a comedy written by Stephen Gregg as a sort of sequel to This is a Test. Much like its predecessor, it tells the story of a student struggling to take a test. In this version, the main character Sophia was unable to study after being distracted by a mysterious text she received the night before. Surrounded by a class of strange characters, a merciless teacher, and a demonic voice screeching in her ear, Sophia tries her best to pass the exam, all the while still consumed by the taunting ring of her phone.

Despite the somewhat ordinary classroom set, this production was anything but. Under the direction of Chris Aukerman and Sean O'Connor, the cast brilliantly brought each of their unique characters to life and believably played off of each other with ease. The seemingly effortless onstage interactions might be owed in part to how close this cast grew during the process of this production. By the end of it, the directors couldn't even choose a single recipient for the director's choice award. Instead, they gave it to their whole group collectively, a drama club first.


Sophia ------------------------------------------- Ellie Murphy Lois ----------------------------------------------- Cal Petit deMange Rudolph ----------------------------------------- Paul Player Demonic Test Voice ------------------------- Mo Mutkoski Chita ---------------------------------------------- Alex Kane

Germy -------------------------------------------- Liam O'Sullivan Jude ------------------------------------------------ Molly Burgoyne Kevin ----------------------------------------------- Graham Moitoso Ms. Brophila ------------------------------------- Charlotte Brill Mr. Greenpeace -------------------------------- Gabe Michelson

Committee Member #1 ---------------------- Aidan Quilty Committee Member #2 ---------------------- Johanna Tackitt Committee Member #3 ---------------------- Reilly Szymczak

Crew: Stage:

Manager- Julia Wonkka

Master Carpenter- Will Kelso

Assistant Stage Managers- Abby Chase, Emma Greenstine

Crew- Molly Benttinen, Molly